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Dr. Urteaga  has been providing chiropractic services to the city of  Whittier for many years.  His expertise and specialty in Sports Medicine  principles & exercise physiology are a few of the qualities that  set him apart from ALL other chiropractors in California.  

Dr.  Urteaga is the ONLY Doctor of Chiropractic in the United States who also holds  the American College of Sports Medicine's highest distinction as a  Registered Clinical Exercise Physiologist (RCEP).  This accreditation  ensures he has the knowledge and skill to accurately prescribe exercise  and rehabilitation for patients with multiple diseases including  diabetes, cardiovascular disease, cancer, HIV, and kidney disease just  to name a few.

Dr. Urteaga has also been working with collegiate and  high school athletes for almost 15 years with strength &  conditioning, and realted injuries.  Although his expertise is in sports medicine, Dr. Urteaga will routinely translate his skills and knowledge, and apply  them to all patients ensuring they receive the best and most up to date  care possible. 

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