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Conditions Treated

Conditions Treated at Urteaga Chiropractic

At Urteaga Chiropractic, we always strive to meet the needs of our patients. Whether you’re visiting our locations in Artesia, Irwindale, or Whittier, you can expect to receive expert care for your injuries. There’s no need to search for other chiropractors near you.

Back Pain

According to the CDC, back pain affects around 39 percent of adults. Back pain is a common issue because it’s quite easy to develop. It may result from poor posture while working at your desk or lifting heavy objects. The personal injury responsible for your back pain may also be related to an accident. Regardless of why you have back pain, you can count on us to treat it effectively.

Knee Pain

Your knee pain may be the result of a recent sports injury. Awkward landings, hyperextensions, and accidental collisions are common causes of knee pain. Seeking the help of chiropractors near you is a must if you have developed this condition. Left unaddressed, your knee pain could worsen and significantly reduce your mobility.

Neck Pain

Whiplash is a common auto injury known to cause significant neck pain. Aside from that, your neck may also be connected to a different personal injury, like slipping and falling on a wet surface or a workplace accident. Neck pain alone is already difficult to live with, but many people also experience stiffness and muscle tension along with that cervical spine injury. Immediately scheduling chiropractic treatment is a must, given the severity of those symptoms.

Shoulder Pain

An auto injury may also explain why you are currently experiencing shoulder pain. The force of the crash being concentrated on your shoulder can cause all kinds of musculoskeletal issues. You may also develop significant shoulder pain from a sports injury. Consult us today so you can experience relief from your shoulder pain.

Headaches and Migraines

The services provided by chiropractors near you can also help with headaches and migraines. Since headaches and migraines are often related to accumulated tension within your musculoskeletal system, easing it can alleviate your symptoms. An experienced chiropractor can use spinal adjustments and massage therapy to address those issues.


You can also visit our clinic for sciatica treatment. We can use chiropractic adjustments to take pressure off your sciatic nerve and eliminate your symptoms. The other treatments we provide can help address the damage to the structures surrounding your sciatic nerve.

Comprehensive Treatment Offerings for California Residents

No matter what condition is causing you trouble, you can visit our team at Urteaga Chiropractic for treatment. Visit any of our locations in Artesia, Irwindale, or Whittier to receive the treatment you need.